Hearing Services

Our goal at Family Hearing Care is to give each patient personalized attention while utilizing current methods and up-to-date equipment in the identification and remediation of hearing problems. Our practice serves patients of all ages and degrees of hearing loss. Our audiologists will discuss the different options available and provide demonstrations of the different technology and styles available.  Our pricing is fair and upfront, and we do not apply high pressure sales tactics that are far too commonplace in today’s marketplace.  We also work with most insurance companies.  If your insurance plan includes hearing aid benefits, we will verify your benefits and submit insurance claims on your behalf.

Hearing Evaluations (6 months - adult)

The first step in improving your hearing is an assessment of your current hearing abilities. Our licensed audiologists are highly experienced in the accurate diagnosis of hearing loss in both adults and children. Using a carefully calibrated piece of equipment called an audiometer, we will determine the softest levels you can detect different tones as well as your ability to understand speech. Occasionally, additional testing is completed to help identify specific conditions that may be affecting your hearing. A comprehensive hearing examination typically takes about 15-30 minutes to complete.

Following a diagnosis of hearing loss, we will consult with you regarding your listening needs and lifestyle, physical capabilities, and personal concerns in order to make a recommendation for the most appropriate hearing solution. There is not a one size fits all solution for patients with hearing loss. Our audiologists will discuss the different options available and provide demonstrations of the different technology and styles available. Our pricing is fair and upfront, and we do not apply high pressure sales tactics that are far too commonplace in today’s marketplace. We also work with most insurance companies. If your insurance plan includes hearing aid benefits, we will verify your benefits and submit insurance claims on your behalf.

Hearing Aid Fitting & Follow-up

Once a decision is made to purchase hearing aids, your hearing aids will be ordered and you will be scheduled for a hearing aid fitting. At your fitting, the hearing aids are programmed based on your hearing loss. You will be counseled on the important aspects of use, care and maintenance, including how to put the hearing aids in and out of your ears, changing batteries, cleaning, etc. Although a lot of information is provided at the time of your hearing aid fitting, our audiologists are excellent in making sure you are not overwhelmed.

Follow-up programming and services are almost always needed to fine-tune your hearing aids to assure they are meeting your needs. It is common for individuals to take some time to adapt to all the new sounds you will hear, especially first time hearing aid users. Typically, you are seen within 1 to 2 weeks following the hearing aid fitting for additional programming as you become more comfortable with your hearing aids. Once you are comfortable with the hearing aids, our audiologists like to see patients every 6 months (or sooner if needed) for additional follow-up to clean and check the hearing aids. Unlimited follow-up appointments are included in the purchase of hearing aids, so you will never be charged for an office visit!

All hearing aid purchases come with a 30 day trial period. If you are not satisfied with the hearing aids, you can return them for a full refund.

Hearing Aid Cleaning & Repairs

Hearing aids require routine maintenance and cleaning to insure they continue to provide maximum benefit. At Family Hearing Care, appointments for cleaning and routine maintenance are free of charge. Even if you did not purchase your hearing aids through us, we are more than happy to service them for you.

Like all electronic devices, hearing aids tend to break down over time and need to be repaired. All hearing aids purchased through Family Hearing Care come with a manufacturer’s warranty. The audiologists at Family Hearing Care will troubleshoot any issues with your hearing aids, and often times, we can fix it in house. If your hearing aid requires repair from the manufacturer, we will overnight your hearing aid to the manufacturer to get them back to you and hearing as soon as possible.

Assistive Listening Devices

Although hearing aids provide significant benefit for the user, they do not always help individuals in every situation. Assistive Listening Devices can supplement hearing aids by providing additional help in situations where hearing aids alone are not meeting your needs. Devices include:

  • Amplified Telephones: Telephones designed specifically for people with hearing loss can be used to improve your ability to hear on your landline phone.
  • Bluetooth Streamers: As our society has become more reliant on cellphones, hearing aid manufactures began to develop technology that allows phone calls and other audio signals (i.e. music) to be streamed from your phone directly to your hearing aids through the use of Bluetooth. These streamers, usually worn around your neck or clipped to your shirt, allow you to stream signals from any Bluetooth compatible device, including iPads, iPods and other tablets. These devices are great for people who rely on their cellphones as they provide a hands-free solution when talking on the phone.  They are also enjoyed by the music lovers out there who want a simple and effective solution to streaming music. Almost all hearing aid manufacturers now make a Bluetooth streamer specifically designed for use with their hearing aids.
  • Television Streamers: Trouble hearing the television is common complaint from individuals with hearing loss. TV streamers are available to wirelessly transmit the television signal directly to your hearing aids providing clear sound quality. This allows you to control the volume of the signal independent of the television, making many spouses and family members happy who have been complaining you have the television too loud! Ask for a demonstration of these technologies in our office to see if they are appropriate for you.
  • Remote Microphones & FM Systems: Although hearing aids have come a long way in improving the user’s performance in noise over recent years, trouble hearing in noisy environments remains the most common complaint among those with hearing loss. Remote microphones help improve your ability to hear in noise by wirelessly connecting your hearing aids to a microphone worn by the person you are speaking with. This is particularly helpful in restaurants, group meetings, or noisy situations in which you cannot hear well due to background noise or distance from the speaker. FM systems operate on a similar principle to remote microphones, and can be utilized by both hearing aid wearers and non-hearing aid users.
  • Alarm Clock Solutions: Many people with hearing loss cannot hear an alarm clock. There are variety of solutions available including amplified, vibrating, or flashing light alarm clocks.
  • Amplified Stethoscopes: For doctors, nurses and other medical professionals, using a stethoscope is vital function of his or her job duties.  Amplified stethoscopes are available that can be used with or without hearing aids.
Custom Hearing Protection & Musician’s Plugs

Exposure to loud noise is one of the leading contributors to hearing loss. Sudden impact sounds (i.e. gunshot) and prolonged exposure to loud noise (i.e. rock concerts, working in a factory) both contribute to noised-induced hearing loss. For individuals who are exposed to loud noise, the use of hearing protection is the best way to minimize the negative long term effects of noise on your hearing.

There are many store-bought solutions, including earmuffs and moldable foam ear plugs, which can be quite effective in protecting you hearing. However, many individuals require a custom solution. Family Hearing Care offers custom earplugs that are made from an ear mold impression of your ear. Custom earplugs are typically considered more comfortable and provide better protection for the wearer. For individuals who frequently need to use hearing protection due to occupational and/or recreational noise exposure, custom earplugs may be right for you.

Professional and non-professional musicians are often exposed to excessively loud noise levels. However, conventional hearing protection often does not provide an acceptable solution as it can muffle or alter the quality of music. Due to the unique needs of musicians, Family Hearing Care provides custom musician’s plugs with specialized filters that provide protection for your hearing while preserving sound quality at the same time. Contact our office to learn about the different options available for your needs.